Sekers vs Clydesdale Bank

Posted by Administrator 08 Dec 22

We were delighted to work with Cat MacLean on another successful case.

“I was introduced to Quantum Claims who I had always thought of as personal injury claims people, but who, in fact, were interested in commercial litigation and keen to do more funding in this area. I sent them the metaphorically well-thumbed case papers and held my breath.

After a staggeringly short period of time – less than a week – they said yes, they would provide the top up funding we needed, they would provide ATE funding, and they would fund the deficit showing on our books which would allow me to continue with the case.

Quantum’s involvement and support unlocked the case. With them on board, we were able to complete witness statements, consult with newly appointed Senior Counsel, discuss matters further with the banking expert we had appointed to look specifically at the general duty of care, finalise productions and fully engage with all of the necessary Proof preparation. We could head into the final mile of our marathon court case knowing that we would definitely make the finish line”.

Cat MacLean

Partner for BTO Solicitors LLP

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