10 Things to do when you suffer an accident

Posted by Administrator 15 Feb 17

10 Things to do when you suffer an accident:

1. Make a written record of exactly how the accident happened as soon as you are able to.

2. Take photographs of the accident scene and measurements of defects.

3. Take a note of the names, addresses and contact numbers of any and all witnesses to an accident.

4. Establish the identity with as much detail as possible of the guilty party, person and persons or body that caused your accident.

5. Report incident to the Police, Health & Safety or Environmental Health where appropriate.

6. Retain all correspondence, paperwork and notices etc either that you send and/or receive.

7. Keep a daily record of your injuries, which hospital/doctors you went to see or treatments you received etc.

8. Keep a note of any expenses that you incur directly as a result of your accident and keep all receipts.

9. Keep a daily diary of any help and assistance you received from family and friends during the course of your recovery.

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