Litigation Support

Since its inception in 1988, Quantum Claims has broadened its product range from its core direct business of assisting clients to expand into the provision of litigation support for solicitors and their existing and new clients with the benefit of after the event insurance cover.

All solicitors who practice in civil litigation are faced with the growing issue of asking clients to fund expensive outlays and also face the catastrophic consequence of a case being lost and expenses being awarded against them.

Quantum’s litigation support product provides a straight forward and simple solution offering the best cover on the market at an affordable and competitive price in an easily explained and operated format.

Quantum’s desire is to enter into partnership arrangements with instructing solicitors so that the best possible service is provided to the client, whilst at the same time the solicitor can maximise recovery of fees from third parties and of course at no time will Quantum present a threat to long established solicitor/client relationships.

Whilst Quantum has built its reputation on supporting personal injury claims, its support branches into many fields such as industrial disease, medical negligence, breach of contract and debt recovery to name but a few. In real terms if there is a potential recovery to be made in a case then Quantum has the ability to service your client’s requirement.

It matters not whether you are simply wishing to pass the case forward as it may not be within your area of specialty or you are an experienced practitioner in the field and simply require to provide protection for your clients, Quantum will reward business referrers in successful cases.

Quantum Claims can provide the following litigation support:

  • All necessary outlays will be met by Quantum Claims

  • Junior and/or Senior Counsel will be engaged in appropriate cases

  • Quantum will ensure the obtaining of reports and precognitions from lay or professional witnesses as soon as required

  • Quantum will liaise with you and your client throughout the case

  • Acting solicitors will on successful conclusion recover their judicial expenses from the Defenders

  • When a case settles or achieves an award, all referring lawyers will receive a ‘Success Fee’ from Quantum

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