Compensation Calculator

There are numerous types and degrees of severity of injury, so much so that the information detailed below is only a sample of injuries and values as provided by the current judicial guidelines. Personal injury compensation awards can be influenced by various factors and each claim is valued on its own merits. In addition to the compensatory sum for the injury sustained, many additional “heads” of claim such as past loss of earnings can be claimed for and we will consider your specific case, advise you and value your claim accordingly. Figures shown are inline with current judicial guidelines.

Minor Brain or Head Injury £2,210 - £12,770   Total Loss of Hearing in One Ear £31,000 - £45,000
Very Severe Brain Damage £282,000 - £403,990   Hernia (continuing pain and/or limitation) £14,000 - £24,000
Paraplegia £219,000 - £284,000   Neck (full recovery within 3 months) Up to £2,450
Psychiatric & Psychological Damage (severe) £54,000 - £115,000   Back Injury (severe) £91,000 - £160,000
Psychiatric & Psychological Damage (minor) £3,590 - £8,000   Back Injury (moderate) £12,500 - £38,000
Loss of Sight in One Eye £49,000 - £54,000   Shoulder Injury (severe) £19,000 - £48,000
Minor Eye Injuries £3,950 - £8,730   Shoulder Injury (minor) £2,450 - £7,890
Loss of One Arm Not less than £137,000 (arm amputated at shoulder)   Total loss of Index Finger £18,000
Severe Fractures to Fingers Up to £36,000   Above Knee Amputation of One Leg £104,000 - £137,000
Toe Injuries £13,740 - £21,070   Trivial Scarring £1,700 - £3,500
Very Severe Scarring £29,000 - £97,000      


As stated above, please remember that compensatory sums for injuries vary significantly and each case is valued on its own merits. The above noted figures are only a sample of the numerous types of injuries which can be sustained and their potential values. Please contact us to discuss your own specific injury and claim whereupon we will be able to advise you further.

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