Slip or Trip and Public Liability Accidents

There are some accidents for which you can claim compensation that are not unique to the workplace. Slipping and tripping are two cases in point and more commonplace than you might expect. Consider uneven pavements, loose cabling, defects in the road, uneven staircases, low, unsighted beams. The list is endless. Practically every building has a design flaw or unknowingly flouts a Health & Safety issue of some kind.

The reality is that the most seemingly insignificant thing can cause the most serious injury. A loose tile in a restaurant, shop or public house could all lead to a successful claim. Accidents can occur due to a faulty chair, negligence of staff, faulty equipment, all of which can lead to personal injury.  

In most instances a local authority, business or indeed individual, will have Public Liability Insurance cover to provide compensation to you for the injuries you have sustained and any other associated losses.

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