Our History

The realisation that the general public would greatly benefit from a specialist compensation claims management company came from our founding Chairman, Frank H Lefevre, a Solicitor who commenced legal practice in Aberdeen in 1959.

Quantum Claims Compensation Specialists Limited was established in 1988 and is a claims management company which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 837087). We represent individuals as our clients, in relation to claims for compensation, mainly as a result of injury sustained. Our clients reside in all areas of Scotland. Over a 35 year period, Quantum Claims has built up an enviable reputation through settlement of many thousands of claims.

As well as dealing with individual claims, we have also dealt with multiple claims following disasters such as Piper Alpha and the Lockerbie Air Crash and more recently actions involving numerous individual clients all with claims relating to employment law and medical product liability. Also, in conjunction with our solicitor partners we supported thousands of individual clients under the VW group NOx emissions group proceedings legal action, the first “class” type action brought under the Civil Litigation (Expenses and Group Proceedings)(Scotland) Act 2018.

We have also supported a number of individual client cases through the Scottish legal system and indeed to the Supreme Court in London (formerly in the House of Lords) with a view to obtaining a favourable judgement for our client/clients, which in certain instances has resulted in legal precedence.

In addition to handling cases in Scotland, our experience extends to accidents which have occurred on the European continent and indeed worldwide. We have experience of conducting claims and litigation in various states in the USA.

Quantum Claims were the pioneers in Scotland of representation of clients under a no win no fee agreement, or as it is now commonly referred to a success fee charging agreement. Our basis of client representation has been copied and adopted and indeed is now the primary basis for client representation in Scotland in relation to civil claims for personal injury compensation.

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