Road Traffic Accidents

Motor vehicles play a large part in all our lives. Even if you don’t drive, the likelihood is that you will be a passenger or come into contact with road vehicles as a pedestrian or cyclist. It is not surprising that most of us know someone who has been injured in a road traffic accident taking into consideration that there are around 20,000 road traffic accidents occurring every year on Scotland’s roads alone.

Whether you were the driver, passenger or a pedestrian involved in a road traffic accident, whether the accident occurred in the UK or abroad, our team of expert claims handlers are hugely experienced at handling all types of accident injury claims involving motor vehicles, motorbikes and pedestrians. From the most common whiplash and soft tissue injury claims to injuries of the upmost severity, including cases of brain damage, amputation, paralysis and fatalities.

We will give you all the advice, help and support you need at what can be an extremely difficult time and look to progress your claim to a successful conclusion.


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