Compensation For Terrorism Abroad

Posted by Administrator 19 Mar 12


 At the end of January this year, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke announced that UK citizens who have been victims of terrorism abroad will now be entitled to compensation for the first time.

 All those affected by terrorist attacks since 2002 will be eligible for support from April 2013.

 It follows concerns and complaints that those suffering serious injuries in terrorist attacks abroad and relatives of those killed are discriminated against in the current criminal injuries compensation authority system.

 In future, Mr Clarke said overseas victims would have “exactly the same” access to compensation than those involved in domestic incidents through the taxpayer-funded Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

 From next year, those affected by incidents abroad in the past ten years – such as the terrorist attacks in Sharm-el-Sheikh in 2005 and Mumbai in 2008 – could apply for retrospective financial support.

 Further details are now awaited regarding the submission of applications for compensation, also further detail regarding possible limitations in relation to such applications/claims.

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