Denture Fixative Cream – Personal Injury Claims

Posted by Administrator 23 Apr 13

Quantum are currently involved in representing numerous clients in relation to personal injury claims as a result of neurological problems following the use of denture fixative cream manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (Poligrip products) and Proctor & Gamble (Fixodent products).

 It is alleged that both manufacturers failed to warn of the danger of using the products which can lead to zinc poisoning.

 Although GlaxoSmithKline have now removed zinc from their products it was used by both within their denture fixative cream to help secure dentures. 

 Zinc is a required mineral in small doses, but ingesting too much can lead to low copper levels in the body.  This can in turn cause nerve damage and neurological problems with symptoms such as loss of balance, loss of sensation in the extremities, muscle weakness and in some cases paralysis.

 In most cases handled by Quantum the clients have experienced symptoms of loss of sensation in the arms and legs, particularly in the legs affecting use and mobility.

 Again in most cases once an individual has ceased using a denture fixative cream with zinc and received copper supplementation the symptoms stabilise albeit any damage already caused cannot be reversed.

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